Portable Three Sided Caution Cone

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About this item
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION. Providing long-lasting strength, this Wet Floor Sign is expertly crafted out of waterproof, polyester taffeta fabric and comes with a steel, wall-mounted holder for easy storage and use.
  • SAFETY WARNING. ANSI- and OSHA-compliant, this sign is furnished in a bright yellow color with “CAUTION” in bold black text and graphics on each panel to alert customers and employees of any hazardous wet floor areas to prevent accidents.
  • PREVENTS INJURIES. Slipping and falling on a wet floor can lead to sprains, back and neck injuries, and broken bones, not to mention lawsuits and worker’s compensation claims. Using this sign can prevent injuries by alerting others to a potential hazard.
  • VERSATILE USE. Floors and other surfaces can become wet from spills, mopping, leaks, rain, and other short-term causes. Suitable for indoor and outdoor locations, this sign can be used in a workplace, grocery store, industrial site, and retail locations.
  • CONVENIENTLY SIZED. The 20-inch sign features a pop-open, tri-corner design for quick hazardous condition marking in any space. Additionally, a Velcro strap securely bands the legs together for compact storage and easy removal. **Prop 65 Warning – Lead and DEHP**

Alert Others of a Potential Danger.

Slipping and falling are one of the leading causes of workplace injuries. Besides forcing employees to take time off and employers to hire temporary help, it can also lead to litigation if a customer gets hurt in your place of business. Use this Alpine Industries 30-Inch Pop-Up Wet Floor Sign with its ANSI- and OSHA-compliant, bright yellow color and graphics on durable fabric panels to alert customers and employees of any hazardous wet floor areas to prevent accidents. Ideal for use in a workplace, grocery store, industrial site, and other retail locations, this simple yet effective sign is an economical solution to a potentially costly problem.



3-side-cone-2Built to Last.

Providing long-lasting strength and use both indoors and out, this 30-inch sign is durably made with waterproof, polyester taffeta. The 3-sided warning increases stability and visibility, clearly conveying the message to employees, customers, and visitors. A great way to avoid expensive litigation and worker’s compensation cases by alerting others to the potential hazard, the sign boasts a spring-loaded, tri-corner design for quick, hazardous condition marking.




Outfitted With Rubber Tips.

Spills, cleaning, leaking pipes, wet precipitation, and other short-term causes can result in wet surfaces and floors. This sign is the perfect solution to preventing injuries on those dangerous, slippery surfaces. Rubber tips on the bottom of the sign provide increased stability on any surface while preventing unsightly scratches and scuff marks on the floor.



Easy Storage



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