Polisher Floor Buffer Machine Scrubber

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  • ABOUT THE PROLUX CORE – This heavy duty commercial buffer is a 13” single pad floor buffer option that contains only the scrub brush. Comes with a 50-foot commercial grade extension cord that saves time because you don’t have to unplug and plug it back in when performing tasks in a large area.
  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE TELESCOPE – Comes equipped with an industry first Industrial grade telescopic wand! This wand makes height adjustments easy and ensures the perfect fit for users of any size.
  • GREAT FOR ANY SURFACE – The Core can handle it all! It strips, waxes, buffs, sands, polishes, cleans, and refinishes any floor surface.
  • RANDOM ORBIT MOTOR – Outdated traditional commercial buffers use buffer heads that only spin in one direction. This can cause swirl and sanding marks, gouges and other damage to your floors. The Core uses a Random Orbit motor to avoid any and all of these issues.
  • VERSATILE – Includes a heavy-duty scrubbing brush for hard surfaces from tile to concrete. For delicate surfaces like laminate, hardwood, gym floors, and carpet, choose between soft scrub and medium scrub brushes (not included).
Introducing the New Prolux Core Commercial, Heavy Duty 13″ Floor Buffer! This powerful floor buffer has the ability to scrub, wax, strip, and polish. This Prolux buffer has the industry’s first industrial grade telescopic wand that makes height adjustment easy and ensures a perfect fit for customers of every size.



While this buffer is very powerful and heavy duty enough for light commercial use, it’s also compact enough to be used in your home! Whether you need this buffer for work, home, or both, the Prolux Commercial Floor Buffer is the perfect choice to fit all needs.


Do you need to cover a lot of space without frequently unplugging and replugging the cord in? This industrial floor buffer comes with an extra long 50-foot cord, allowing you plenty of lengths to clean!.


Our new floor buffer strips, waxes, buffs, and refinishes any floor surface. No matter what type of floor, regardless of if it’s carpet, wood, marble, or vinyl, this buffer cleans with ease. The heavy duty scrubbing brush quickly removes dirt build-up on tile, concrete, or any other industrial surface. For more delicate surfaces like laminate, hardwood, gym floors, or even carpet, you can choose between the Soft Scrub and Medium Scrub scrubbing brushes.


The Prolux Core with random orbit technology is one of the easiest to use commercial buffers in the industry. There will be no torque twisting, swirl/sanding marks, or gouges in your floor surface when you use the Core.

The Prolux Core also works fantastically as a dry-cleaner for carpets, loosening embedded dirt in your carpet. Then simply vacuum up the dirt and your dry cleaned carpets are ready to be walked on with no need to dry! The Prolux Core has enough power to handle any job you can throw at it!.



This buffer is virtually maintenance free with a high torque motor that produces a powerful 150 RPM’s over a wide 13″ cleaning path.

It contains convenient features to make your life and job easier such as:

50ft commercial grade extension cord.

Heavy duty construction.

Industry first height adjustable telescopic wand.

Commercial grade machinery.


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